What is User Feedback?

User feedback (ratings, comments and images/video) helps our users determine whether an item will satisfy them or otherwise fit their needs. To encourage submission of feedback, Tololi may offer small incentives, such as reward points, that over time and additional feedback may lead to discounts or other benefits within the service.

Users can submit feedback, including a star rating, comments and photos or videos, for products. In order to submit feedback, a user must first purchase an item.

Feedback is typically reviewed for compliance with applicable guidelines and policies before it is displayed to others. Feedback that does not comply with guidelines and policies may be edited or may not be displayed to others. For example:

  • A comments or images containing, or portraying profanity or other offensive content may not be displayed to others.
  • A review containing low quality images, such as images that do not focus on the item or that are blurry, may not be published or it may be displayed to others but without the low-quality image(s).
  • When feedback is deemed negative, photos or video included in the feedback may not be displayed to others.
  • If a photo or video shows damaged or incorrectly manufactured items, then the photo or video may not be displayed to others.

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